About Us

About UsWe started our hog roast company over 25 years ago because we thought there is no better way of celebrating the superb quality local meat that is produced in Hereford and its surrounding areas, than with the traditional method of slow roasting on a spit. In our opinion, no other cooking method brings out the natural flavour of the meat or gives such a tender texture, and we wanted to share it with as many people as possible. As the years have gone by, our passion for this way of cooking meat remains as strong as ever and we are incredibly proud of our reputation as Hereford’s leading hog roast specialist.

What Makes our Hog Roasts So Good?

 The quality of our meat, the skills of our chefs and our use of the most modern hog roast machines on the market, are the 3 key factors that make our hog roasts vastly superior to our competitors’. We are very discerning about where we source our pork from, and we exclusively use local suppliers who have reared the pigs in the most ethical conditions. We always investigate how our meat is reared and we are happy to answer any questions you have about the source of our pork. Our dedicated chefs prepare our superior quality meat to perfection, giving it the care and attention it deserves to enhance its natural flavour. Our hog roast machines are superbly well-designed and produce fantastic results every time, no matter how many people we are cooking for or the location of your event.

What Else Do We Offer?

 We have a diverse range of menus available to suit all tastes and occasions and we can offer alternative meats to accompany or replace a traditional hog roast, if preferred. We take just as About Usmuch care with our vegetarian options, salads and side dishes, ensuring everything is prepared with the same attention to detail as our hog roasts. Our menus vary in formality and complexity depending on your occasion, from informal buffets for a large crowd, to a structured 3 course meal including canapes served by our own waiting and front of house staff. We are incredibly selective about where we source all of our ingredients, not just our premium pork, and regardless of the size of your event or your choice of menu, every dish is freshly prepared by us at your venue.